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Logotipo de la Asociación de Turismo Altiplano de Granada
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El Clavijas Restaurant

The restaurant is found in a peaceful spot just 3 km from Baza. It specializes in traditional local dishes as well as char-grilled meats and fish. Guests will also appreciate our friendly and polite service, which will make them feel right at home. The kitchen offers a daily set menu as well.

El Clavijas Restaurant is a family-run restaurant located 3 km from Baza. We have over 15 years of experience, and during that entire time we’ve always offered our customers nothing less than our very best. The cozy and quaint establishment provides diners with a chance to enjoy traditional cooking – our grandmothers’ cooking; something almost unheard of nowadays. And while guests enjoy their food, they can savour the best wines of the region as they are warmed by the fireplace.

Our daily set menu is also a great option. It offers up traditional cooking every day with a variety of dishes to choose from, all at a reasonable price.

In addition, El Clavijas features a spacious terrace perfect for enjoying warm and sunny days, and also cool and pleasant evenings. Our policy is to always satisfy our customers and to make them feel at home. We like our service to be friendly and warm, ensuring that our guests enjoy a relaxing and memorable experience with us. El Clavijas is, without a doubt, the place to dine if you want to eat well and enjoy time with family and friends in a hospitable setting.


Lugar Baico, 40 18800 Baza

+34 958 712 916 / +34 600 552 270

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