The Granada High Plains Tourism Association focuses its activities on the geographical areas of Baza and Húescar, encompassing the largest number of business operators in the region specializing in tourism.The Granada High Plains Tourism Association is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to provide business operators of the region with a framework for both economic and legal issues, access to training, and publicity. Its main objectives are: 

• Improve our members’ business activities. 

• Promote the Granada High Plains as a tourist destination.

• Provide business operators with training about new trends: whether in terms of technology, the sector or customer service.

• Negotiate with public administration and representatives in order to improve infrastructures related to tourism.

• Support any activity that strengthens or improves tourism and service provided to our visitors.

From the Granada High Plains Tourism Association, we would like to say that it is our goal that our visitors take away the absolute best experience and best impression of our towns, and we continue to work hard to ensure that it is so.