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Logotipo de la Asociación de Turismo Altiplano de Granada
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Cascamorras, a Festivity of National Tourist Interest

The Cascamorras is a key character in the folklore of the area of Baza. There are different versions about its origins linked with the discovery of an image of Our Lady of Piety in the ruins of an old chapel where the present church Iglesia de la Merced was built.

The most accepted theory is that the cascamorras represents a worker from Guadix that found the image of Our Lady of Piety and wanted to take it to its hometown. The image stayed in Baza and there was an agreement with Guadix. If someone from Guadix entered Baza and reached the Iglesia de la Merced without being stained then Guadix could take the image.

On 6th September a group from the brotherhood of Our Lady of the Piety of Guadix accompanied by the cascamorras leave the town and face the people of Baza, who want to defence the lady’s image and prevent anyone from Guadix from taking it.

This festivity was declared National Festivity of Tourist Interest due to the unique elements. It is celebrated on 6th September, the day the local Fair of Baza starts.

The character of the cascamorras leaves Guadix on the 5th September at 23:45 h and arrives in Baza at 18:00 h on 6th September with the traditional “race” through the town’s streets.