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El Lago Caves

El Lago Tourist Resort has a 3-star hotel rating. The complex has 7 fully-equipped, independent cave lodgings accommodating 3-4 people each. There is also a very large and convenient parking area at the entrance.

The caves are all very comfortable - warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They are an example of popular architecture; shelters dug out in prehistoric times that continue to be used as dwellings today. Each lodging has a fireplace, fully-equipped kitchen, laundry, and TV. Guests are invited to visit our traditional products shop selling hand-woven esparto grass objects, and others typical of the local gastronomy and culture.
One of the caves is completely handicapped-accessible for any guest(s) who may require such facilities.



Llano de la Torre, Paraje El Cerrón, s/n 18818 Castilléjar

+34 625 914 930

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