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Cerro Fuentes Nuevas Country House

Cerro Fuentes Nuevas offers three cottages with swimming pool. They are located between two natural parks (Natural Park of Sierra Castril and the southern part of the Natural Park of Sierra) and the Granada High Plains. This area is very near the border between the provinces of Granada and Jaen.

Accommodating from 2 to 12 people each, with a maximum of 40 people among the three cottages. There is also a spacious hall available to all guests. This room has a large fireplace and is ideal for big groups of friends and family with children. The cottages are able to accommodate from 2 to 34 people. The maximum capacity is 40 people. The surrounding area is a unique natural setting of incomparable beauty; our resort is tucked away among pines and holm oaks, and just beyond them you will be able to take in breathtaking views of the landscape that stretches all the way to the horizon.

• Cortijo Aureliano (12 people): Cottage with 3 double rooms, 3 rooms with full-size beds, 2 extra beds, 2 bathrooms.

Cortijo Rafael (12 people): Cottage with 4 double rooms, 2 rooms with full-size beds, 2 extra beds, 2 bathrooms.

Cortijo Manuel (10 people): Cottage with 4 double rooms, 1 room with full-size bed, 2 extra beds, 2 bathrooms.

This type of accommodation allows guests to take part in activities like agritourism and active tourism: trekking, horse riding, mountain biking, and much more. Enjoy genuine contact with nature!These rural homes are located between two natural parks, namely the Natural Parks of Sierra de Castril and Sierra de Cazorla. It is truly a magnificent place - a unique corner of nature. We provide our guests with information about sightseeing and activities available in our idyllic surroundings – the southern part of Sierra of Cazorla and Sierra de Castril.
Come and experience this one of a kind setting. You will be enchanted by its open spaces and incredible views which you can enjoy from your lodging. Our three homes are authentic rural Andalusian cottages with traditional décor. They all have their own personal touch making them stand out among what are considered common rural homes today.


C/ Cerro Fuentes Nuevas s/n 18816 Castril

+34 953 738 947 / +34 610 738 947

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