Logotipo de la Asociación de Turismo Altiplano de Granada
Logotipo de la Asociación de Turismo Altiplano de Granada
Altiplano Desarrollo Rural
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Cave House

Al-Jatib Caves

A collection of troglodyte habitats - Cuevas Al-Jatib is a complex comprised of 6 cave homes and 4 double rooms, a reception area, café-bar, restaurant, tearoom, playground, Arabic baths, two parking areas, and a swimming pool with changing rooms and sun deck.

All of our caves have fireplaces and firewood, satellite TV (95 channels), crockery, dishwasher, washing machine, iron, ceramic stove top, oven, microwave, fridge, toaster, coffee pot, towels and flowers for decoration. Pets are allowed.

  • Cave 1: (2 people) Ideal for honeymoons, this cave has one bedroom, a living room-dining room-kitchen, full bathroom, and patio-terrace.
  • Cave 2: (5 people) Enjoy marvellous evenings and sunsets from the patio of this cave lodging. It offers one bedroom, a bed alcove, bunk-beds for children, living room-dining room, kitchen, pantry, full bathroom, and a patio-terrace.
  • Cave 3: (6 people) This lodging preserves the original atmosphere of days past. It features 3 bedrooms, a living room-dining room, kitchen, full bathroom and patio-terrace
  • Cave 4: (2 people) This cave offers a charmingly intimate atmosphere. It offers one bedroom, a living room-dining room-kitchen, full bathroom, and patio-terrace.
  • Cave 5: (11 people) The cave for friends and parties. It has 5 bedrooms, a living room, dining room, kitchen, full bathroom, lavatory, and patio-terrace.
  • Cave 6: (4-6 people) This cave is located 200 metres from the main complex and offers guests a chance to enjoy even more peace and tranquillity. It is the most rustic of all the caves, which is why it is so charming. This lodging offers two double bedrooms and one single, which must be crossed in order to access the bathroom. The cave also has a living room-dining room and a small, fully-equipped kitchen. There is no dishwasher though.
  • Rooms inside caves: 4 rooms with bed, fireplace and DVD. Cradles can be added. Guests staying in all 4 rooms have total access to the sauna.

The Hammam is divided into three areas: a pool with hot water, another with cold water, and a warm water pool. In addition, guests can enjoy a wide range of massages and treatments that are on offer. Our tearoom offers a vast selection of teas, which are perfect to accompany with crepes or ice cream. In the winter warm yourself by the fire, and enjoy the sun in the summer out on the terrace. We also invite guests to enjoy our café-bar and our restaurant’s cuisine.Children will love having fun in our playground which features tunnels and swings.In 2008 the Granada Tourism Council awarded Cuevas Al-Jatib the Granada Tourism Award in recognition of its quality and originality.


Arroyo Cúrca 18800 Baza

+34 958 342 248 / +34 667 524 219



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