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Country Cottage and Moral Caves

Our resort blends perfectly with the landscape and natural surroundings, and it is neighbour to the Badlands and the Galera River.

Dug into the land itself, our 4 cave homes have recently been restored and are fully-equipped for guests. In addition, we also invite guests to stay at our Country Cottage. The resort grounds are surrounded by lovely poplars and olive trees, and the views looking in the direction of Castilléjar are simply marvellous.
Our resort also has some outdoor areas for guest use only. These include the barbecue area, swimming pool, a playground with swings, and a laundry room.



C/ Huéscar, 35 18818 Castilléjar

+34 958 737 156 / +34 652 886 499 / +34 662 341 523

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