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Logotipo de la Asociación de Turismo Altiplano de Granada
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The Zújar Baths

The spring known as "the Zújar Baths" is situated on the northern edge of the mountain aquifer of Cerro Jabalcón. It is associated with the presence of large fractures that favour the circulation of deep groundwaters to the surface, giving rise to the hot springs.

It would appear that the site was used as a thermal spa as early as Roman times. They must have enjoyed a boom in popularity in the late 15th century according to the many references made to the baths during the division of Baza following its conquest by the Catholic Monarchs in 1489. Until recently the site consisted of a spa, hotel and inn, which were all demolished after the construction of the Negratín reservoir, which also engulfed the source of the spring. After recent surveys, a new spa is currently being built opposite the Negratín dam, near the site of the old spa, at the foot of Cerro Jabalcón. The new spa will open soon (anyone interested in visiting the spa can obtain information regarding the precise opening date from Zújar Town Council on telephone +34 958 716 017).

Today, there is a public thermal water swimming pool (22°C) next to the famous restaurant "Los Baños" where visitors can relax and benefit from the water’s therapeutic properties while enjoying awe-inspiring views of the mountains, the reservoir waters and the defiant badlands in the surrounding area.