Logotipo de la Asociación de Turismo Altiplano de Granada
Logotipo de la Asociación de Turismo Altiplano de Granada
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Huéscar - Puebla de Don Fadrique

Patrimonio Gastronómico

La Sagra Summit

La Sagra Summit, the highest point in the Sub-Baetic Mountains and the Granadine Plateau, lies in eastern Andalusia, in the far north of the province of Granada. The range stretches between the municipalities of Huéscar and Puebla de Don Fadrique. The region has a continental Mediterranean
climate with considerable temperature variations during the year.
The winters are cool, with frequent frosts, and the summers can be as hot as 35ºC. The mountains are snow-covered in autumn, winter and early spring.

La Sagra, a mountain belonging to the European Network of Protected Natural Areas, better known as the NATURA 2000 Network.

This Protected Natural Area is formed by different mountain ranges: Sierra de la Sagra, Sierra Seca, Sierra de Duda, Sierra de Guillimona, Sierra de Montilla, Sierra Bermeja, Sierra del Muerto, Sierra de la Encantada, Sierra de Jurena and Sierra de Tornajos. In the corner of the region, these mountains connect with other ranges located outside the boundaries of the Network, such as Sierra de Moncayo, Sierra Marmolance, Sierra de Alcatín and Sierra de la Zarza.

These limestone mountains (La Sagra, at 2381 m, is the highest limestone peak in Andalusia) form a striking karst landscape. Their most valued natural assets include the remains of holm oak and pine forests on rugged slopesunique junipers, fascinating post-glacial flora and fauna shared with Sierra de Castril, including many interesting invertebrates, most notably butterflies and beetles. Due to its entomological importance, the area was declared an Area of Interest for the Conservation of Invertebrates of Andalusia (Zona de Interés para la Conservación de los Invertebrados de Andalucía - ZICI), specifically area number 3, which also encompasses the natural parks of Cazorla and Castril.