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Logotipo de la Asociación de Turismo Altiplano de Granada
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Guardal Springs and Fish Farm


Many people are surprised when they come here. It is located on the skirts of Sierra Seca and is covered by imposing trees (ashes, willows, cypresses, poplars, elms, pines, holms, and walnut trees). It is commonly known as Las Fuentes and can be reached from the San Clemente Reservoir or by taking the road Carretera de La Losa.

Although the headwaters of the Guardal River correspond to the Raigadas River, its largest water source comes from Las Fuentes del Guardal (or, Guardal Springs). The source is comprised of a collection of springs with crystalline water of extraordinary quality; individually they are known as Pedro Jiménez, Fuente Alta, En Medio, Baja and La Natividad. They are partially on private property that belongs to the Fuentes fish farm, which can be visited.

The most peculiar of all the springs is La Natividad, located below a cottage bearing the same name and where waters rise from cracks in the rock. According to local lore, the cottage owner could hear water flowing inside the rock and, driven by curiosity, he dug a small gallery until he found a break in the rock itself and water. This formed a spectacularly beautiful waterfall.

One unique feature about the La Natividad spring is that above it there are two openings in the karst bedrock; they are called ‘Suspirones de Arriba y Abajo’ (or, Whispers from Above and Below). During periods when water level is high, there is a radical change in piezometric pressure, causing air to be shot out. This, in turn, creates a sound, which is where the holes get their name from.

The waters from La Natividad are primarily used to supply the fish farm, which raises rainbow trout. These fish are intended for human consumption and also repopulation.Inside the fish farm, it is interesting to see the more than 70 pools with different-sized trout organised according to their age. Visitors get a first-hand look at the entire fish raising process.

Just outside the facility, there is a beautiful pond surrounded by young Sequoias about 10 metres tall. Interestingly enough, the seeds from these specific Sequoia trees came from the La Losa estate, where there is also a spot for trout fishing.

Once water has come to the surface at the La Natividad spring, it flows under a wonderful stone bridge, by which the La Natividad Cottage is accessed. A short distance down river, we find the Carlos III Canal Dam, and although it never came into use, its spectacular ashlar masonry and cutwaters can still be admired today.