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Logotipo de la Asociación de Turismo Altiplano de Granada
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Glass From Castril

Don Hernando de Zafra, lord of Castril after the Reconquista, founded a glass factory in Castril in 1504, using available natural resources. This became a thriving business until it closed in 1878.

The factory mainly produced industrial products such as jars, bottles and jugs, but also made other items intended to adorn and decorate houses, such as the typical “jarra castrileña” (Castril pitcher).

The manufacturing techniques used were blowing and moulding. In terms of colours, glass products from Castril were made a range of greens, ranging from dark olive green to light smoked green or slightly yellow. Today, after this craft was recovered, you can buy glass products in Castril produced using different techniques, such as the ancient craft of blowing, torching, to obtain glass beads for use in jewellery, and mixing techniques to obtain many decorative elements of enormous natural, cultural and aesthetic value.