Logotipo de la Asociación de Turismo Altiplano de Granada
Logotipo de la Asociación de Turismo Altiplano de Granada
Altiplano Desarrollo Rural



• Flour (2 level tablespoons per person)
• Water (one cup per person)
• Olive oil (two ounces)
• 2  dried red peppers
• 8-10 garlic gloves
• 2 tomatoes
• Teaspoon paprika
• Teaspoon cumin
• 2-3 green peppers
• 1/2 kg. fish
• Salt


• Add water to a deep pan and heat until boiling.

• Add flour and stir slowly without stopping until a well-cooked, silky dough forms. * Texture - you should almost be able to cut it with the edge of a spoon.

• Remove from heat and allow to cool for later on.

• Fry dried peppers and set aside.

• Fry garlic cloves and set aside.

• Cut up the tomatoes and fry with a little paprika.

• Take all of the previously-fried ingredients and add them to a mortar. Grind them with the cumin.

• Add the contents of the mortar to the pan again, add water, and put on high heat.

• Roast the green peppers. Peel and cut into strips or squares. Add to water.

• When the water with all the ingredients is about to boil, pour it over the dough, which is still in the other pan. The dish is now done and ready to eat.

This dish is usually served with dried or salted sardines.It was, and still is, traditionally prepared over an open fire in a very deep pan with a long handle. It is customary to each the dish directly from the pan itself. Give one large spoon to everyone present and enjoy.