Logotipo de la Asociación de Turismo Altiplano de Granada
Logotipo de la Asociación de Turismo Altiplano de Granada
Altiplano Desarrollo Rural
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Hotels and Hostels

El Maño Hotel

El Maño Hotel was opened following years of experience in the hotel and restaurant business in the Granada High Plains. We guide ourselves using a few simple rules: provide the best service to guests at all times, understand the customer’s needs, and make them feel right at home. Part of our commitment to quality is to treat each guest as our most important.

Our rooms are decorated with different traditional motifs of the Granada High Plains, Granada, and nature. They are fitted with all modern-day comforts: heating, A/C, TV, fridge, telephone, Internet, WiFi, … The hotel is located in the heart of Huéscar, which makes it easy to enjoy a stroll and move around the town. In our restaurant, we invite you to come and try a selection of typical dishes from the area which features top-quality local products.

Rooms available include:

• Spacious double rooms with lounge offering extra comfort, especially if you enjoy reading in your room or simply watching some television.

• Double rooms, each with a different layout, full beds or two beds.

• Vista Bella Suite, comfort, privacy, and special furnishings.

• El Maño Honeymoon Suite, the most exclusive room we have; especially for couples that celebrate their wedding in our reception hall in Huéscar.


Calle Morote, 11 18830 Huéscar

+34 958 742 440 / +34 958 723 005

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