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Pozo Alcón

Negratín Oleum

The well-known and excellent olive oil of Negratín Oleum comes from the olive trees located in a privileged setting in the reservoir of El Negratín near the Sierra de Cazorla, at an altitude of 800 metres and occupying an area of 3000 hectares.

Negratín Oleum only selects the best olive oil from the olive varieties of Picual and Royal.

  • The variety of olive Royal is original from the Sierra de Cazorla and is the only olive with appellation d’origine in the world. Only 5% of the olive grove of Negratín Oleum has this variety that is why it is so scarce and valued. This type of olive is red and the olive oil that produces is very light with a sweet, fruity and intense aroma.
  • The olive oil from the Picual variety is the most stable and with the longest life due to its high content of oleic monounsaturated acid and polyphenols. It is recommended to prevent heart conditions and is an effective antioxidant. It has a wide range of fruity aromas and due to its low level of acidity is slightly bitter with an intense green colour.

Negratín Oleum packs its olive oil in tin containers, which is ideal for conserving extra virgin olive oil since it guarantees its extraordinary characteristics. Negratín Oleum offers a perfect olive oil to give as a gift. It is a gourmet product valued in the best restaurants and has the prestige of the appellation d’origine of Sierra de Cazorla.


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