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Logotipo de la Asociación de Turismo Altiplano de Granada
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Javaluna Cave

This cave home is spacious enough to accommodate large groups such as families and friends, or any kind of celebration or activity that requires an abundance of space, e.g., stag and hen parties, birthdays, Christmas, training courses, and so on. The cave is divided into four smaller apartments that are completely independent and have their own kitchens and bathrooms.

It is located near the village of Benamaurel in the Granada High Plains. It is also on the Guardal riverbank. The complex offers views of the neighbourhood Las Hafas. Visitors can arrive to Cuevas Jabaluna via the road from Benamaurel to Cortes de Baza. Getting here is easy and the road is asphalted right up to the front door, where you will find ample parking space.

The cave home is completely renovated and provides all modern comforts, yet it preserves an ambience of years past – the charming kitchens, rooms and areas carry us back in time to when the lodging used to be used by farmers. The cave can be entered on three levels, and the structure’s interior is connected by a staircase. The indoor room temperature ranges from 19 to 22 degrees Celsius. The individual apartments or the entire house can be rented.


Barriada de San Marcos, 11 18817 Benamaurel

+34 629 594 826

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